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Crystals in my BRA

Wince. Verb. “To give a slight involuntary grimace or shrinking movement of the body out of or in anticipation of pain or distress”. Hi, yes my hand is raised for both the anticipation of the pain and for the actual pain. Ughhhhhhh.

Gabriel is now 10 months, I don’t know how that happened. Time flies. I really thought that nipple pain was behind us in the nursing department but my boobs said “PSYCH” and here I am typing this, with thrush happening to both nips. I reek of apple cider vinegar. I have 3 pieces of rose quartz and one hunk of selenite in my bra. I splashed the ACV on my gals sparingly, as if it was old fashioned perfume or whatever. This is the suggested home remedy so I hope smelling like this pays off. It burns to nurse, like tiny paper cuts to the nipple.

How did this happen? Well directly because of the antibiotics I am currently taking, but indirectly because I didn’t listen to my body and her needs. I find this fairly ironic, as I was so amped about dedicating September to self care. This is my lesson I suppose.

My system was so out of its normal whack upon returning home from Euro Vacay 2019 that I think she felt safe and just shut down. She (my bod) was already giving me major clues before we flew home in the form of raging pink eye. Who farted in my pillow? Truly the worst pink eye ever (I kept shouting “Adriennnne”) that rapidly got worse by the hour. The eyes are the window to the soul and my soul was like “take me home please”. Thus I was so focussed on getting us packed and ready for flying that my conjunctivitis took a prioritized back seat.

Once home and healing I was feeling kind of crappy, general malaise. A moms work never ends though so it’s not like I made efforts to rest extra or anything. LOL! Who has time for a that?! I paid for it bigtime a few days later when I got slammed with mystery mastitis (it came and went so fast) which was followed up with a sucker punch that goes by the name of a lactational abscess. I do not suggest Googling that unless you are concerned you have one, which is unlikely (according to Google). So I was hit with that like a brick to the boob, extreme pain. In hindsight I probably should have gone to the hospital (oops) – I didn’t, and settled on making an annoying trip to the doctor for antibiotics.

Everything in my life appears in 3’s so staying true to the trifecta, the thrush came third. As a close friend said “Omg lactating boobs are legit so high maintenance at times”. That is completely accurate. No one talks about these things, or if they do you don’t pay attention until you have lactating boobs. At least I never did. It is a very uncomfortable and vulnerable feeling to have a wound on an inherently feminine body part. Particularly stressful when trying to nurse a still (mostly) exclusively breastfed, busy baby.

I do practice most of what I preach (hah) and am happy to report further anecdotal evidence for V Steaming. The meds I am on are strong, and the extra steams I put in this week no doubt saved me from running out to grab the Canesten.

I am trying to be lighthearted about all of this but take my situation as a reminder to check in with yourself as often as you can. Self care doesn’t have to be a spendy thing or a material item. It can be a pause and reflect, mindful in your body thing. Are you nourishing your spirit to the best of your ability? Are you taking care of your health, stimulating your mind? If the answer is no then it’s time to get to work.

Stash some crystals in your bra and be well!

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